TrendRehab i Sverige AB
Org. Nr: 556852-6908
Etablerat: 2011
Postadress: 904 20, UMEÅ, SWEDEN
E-post: support@trendrehab.se Telefon: 090/197122


General terms

The following terms and conditions are applicable on all agreements you make with TrendRehab i Sverige AB 556852-6908. By purchasing a product you accept these conditions regardless if the purchase is made in your online shop or at an event. Orders places by people under the age of 18 is expected to have been made with the approval of their legal guardian. While we rigorously strive for accuracy, Trendrehab denies responsibility and will not be held liable for any typo or printing mistakes. If you notice such a thing, contact us right away and we will resolve the issue. Trendrehab  reserves the right to retroactively change eventual stock amount errors. To get the most out of our products we recommend you to follow the product guidelines given. If you have any questions regarding the guidelines you can read more about that product or contact us directly and we will help you. If you´re unhappy with a purchased product please contact our customer service. If you despite this feel like the issue can´t be resolved you can turn to http://ec.europa.eu/odr

Prices and payment

Every product price is given has VAT included (unless stated otherwise). Other costs might be applicable, such as shipping cost and payment method. Before confirming your payment your total amount will be visible. Various deals and reduction in prices will either be placed directly on the product or by entering a voucher during the checkout.


Our products gets shipped by DHL. We always strive to keep all of our product in stock. In the case of a product not being in stock this will be clearly visible on the product page. If certain parts of your order can´t be delivered immediately feel free to contact use and we can resolve a partial delivery or a product of equal factors. If a product hasn´t arrived please let us know within 14 days of order being placed. Close to holidays your package might take a few extra days to arrive.
If you want to track your package contact your support for tracing number and go to DHL´s website to track.

Delivery time

Usually your order will be shipped within 2-4 workdays to your closest DHL service point. You will get a notification on your phone when you can collect your product


Free shipping on purchases over 100 Euros (1000 SEK)

Packages left at delivery points

Note: Trendrehab will take out a 35 EURO (350 SEK) fee on customers that leaves the package at the delivery point long enough for it to get shipped back to Trendrehab.

Return policy

Trendrehab wants you as a consumer to feel safe shopping from us, which is why you always have right to withdraw your purchase within 14 days after receiving an order placed on our website. When using this right to withdraw policy, you as a consumer are responsible for shipping the product back to us and related shipping costs. You are also responsible for the potential decrease in value of the product if you have used it more than necessary to determine if you regret your purchase or not. If you have received the wrong product or a product that isn´t working as it´s supposed do, we will pay you for shipping.

Purchases made at an event

Due to the fact that you have been able to try our product before purchase the “right to withdraw” policy is not valid.


1. Due to the fact that you have been able to try our product before purchase the “right to withdraw” policy is not valid.

2. Fill out the form correctly and put it inside the package of the product.

3. Attach the return form on the outside of the package and turn it in at your local DHL service point.

Shipping costs for returns

When using the “Right to withdraw” policy, you as a consumer is responsible for the shipping cost.

Right to withdraw policy Online

If you want to use this policy you have to contact us through email ( support@trendrehab.se ) within 14 days of receiving your product. After that you have an additional 14 days to send your product back to us. Remember to save your recipe after sending your product. After the product has arrived and we have confirmed that it´s in the same condition it was when it got sent we will refund the purchase. You´re responsible for shipping costs and the possible decrease in value from using the product more than was necessary to determine the products characteristics and usage. This will be determined after the product has arrived to us.

The return address is:


Segelgatan 1

90420 Umeå

Return policy

If you consider a product to be defective please contact us right away. After looking at the product we will assess the product and determine what´s wrong. Only faults that were present at time of delivery is covered by warranty. The warranty doesn´t cover faults that presented itself due to normal or faulty usage or if you have changed the products original condition.

After receiving returns we will determine the product while keeping its life span in mind. Keep in mind that if we can´t find anything wrong will the product (which means the warranty isn´t valid) we will debit you a troubleshooting fee of 45 EURO ( 450 SEK ) this includes the shipment back to you, the customer.

If the product falls under warranty we will firstly try and repair the product and if we can´t make that happen we will send you a new product. The eventual repair might take up to two weeks, but we always try to make it happen as fast as possible. If you haven´t received your product after two weeks, please contact us at support@trendrehab.se .

For Trendrehab to be able to correctly examine the returned product, the entire product including all accessories needs to be included. Also in combination with a correctly filled return form. If this isn´t done correctly Trendrehab can´t make a complete evaluation of the product, and we can only base our decision and the refund amount on the things received. If the product it determined to be defective you as a costumer is cost exempt including shipping. The return is to be shipped to us with the return from waybill attached to it. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us.


If the consumer doesn´t include, or doesn´t fill out the return form correctly the customer might be debited a troubleshooting fee is such a thing is needed.

If you as a consumer have received the wrong product, you have three years to return the product, or within 2 months after noticing the error.

Product responsibility

TTrendrehab bears no responsibility for eventual direct and indirect injuries caused byusing our product in an irresponsible way and not following our product descriptions. The consumer has full responsibility for how the product is used and has to themselves make sure they don’t have any allergies or received a defective product. Trendrehab always suggest using the product as explained on our website or with the included product pamphlet.


What information is collected?

Data that Trendrehab collects are information which you directly or indirectly leave when placing a product order (Trendrehab does not collect personal identity number or specific payment details such as card numbers nor is it even visible for Trendrehab) information that does get collected are; Name, delivery address, email, phone number. We use cookies on Trendrehab.se ( Google analytics and Facebook pixel). Cookies saves and tracks a visitors behavior on the site to determine the amount of visitors, how they found the site, and what device is used while visiting the site, such as computer or mobile. This information isn´t connected to a specific individual and only reads out as general statistics.

What the data is used for:

  • Improve usability of the site
  • Advertising optimization
  • Email and text message ads
  • Evaluating various statistics

Data is saved during the time period this information is considered relevant


The frontpage of Trendrehab and all other pages contains cookies and third party cookies (google analytics, facebook pixel). The cookie gets stored automatically in the visitors browser and helps your browser to increase the usability of the site. You can yourself remove or delete the cookie in your browser settings

Data used for direct marketing purposes:

Information which you directly or indirectly leave when placing a product order (email, cellphone number) may be used by Trendrehab to send marketing emails or text messages with product offers. By placing an order you accept these terms. You´re able to remove yourself from these marketing lists whenever you want to by sending Trendrehab an email at support@trendrehab.se.

Consumer rights:

You as a consumer have the right the request what information we have about you and how we use them, provided that you can prove your identity. You also have then right to request this information to be deleted. Send potential requests to support@trendrehab.se Information to fulfill various legal aspects such as warranty will always be saves as long as it´s relevant.

Other data controllers:

Personal identification numbers, and card numbers and stuff similar to this isn´t anything Trendrehab can see. This information is fully controlled by Klarna and it follows their terms and conditions. Klarna och följer således deras villkor.


Trendrehab doesn´t carry any responsibly for events that counts as Force Majeure (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Force_majeure )

Contact us

Support related inquires Support@trendrehab.se

Business to business related inquires Business@trendrehab.se

Phone support 9:15 – 12:00 weekdays.

Break period 10:00 – 10:15



Zahlung In Zusammenarbeit mit Klarna bieten wir die folgenden Zahlarten an:

  • Klarna Rechnung: Zahlbar innerhalb von 14 Tagen ab Rechnungsdatum. Die Rechnung wird bei Versandt der Ware ausgestellt. Die Rechnungsbedingungen finden Sie hier.
  • Klarna Ratenkauf: Mit dem Finanzierungsservice von Klarna können Sie Ihren Einkauf flexibel in monatlichen Raten von mindestens 1/24 des Gesamtbetrages (mindestens jedoch 6,95 EUR) bezahlen. Weitere Informationen zu Klarna Ratenkauf einschließlich der Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen und der europäischen Standardinformationen für Verbraucherkredite finden Sie hier.
  • Sofortüberweisung
  • Kreditkarte (Visa/ Mastercard)
  • Lastschrift

Informationen darüber, welche Zahlarten für einen konkreten Einkauf zur Verfügung stehen, erhalten Sie im Kassenbereich. Allgemeine Informationen zu Klarna erhalten Sie hier.